Shockwave Scrubber Systems

Shockwave offers standalone next-generation, high performance, portable scrubber systems to clean flue gas or exhaust gases of multi-pollutant emissions.

Co2 Systems

Shockwave currently offers three types of CO2 recovery systems.


Portable skid-based system using shockwave mixing and reusable chemicals to capture CO2 from waste emissions, including 8-25% CO2 from flue gas, or higher concentrations from hot stack gas sources, using minimal utility at very low cost to produce concentrated (99%+) streams of CO2 gas or soda ash and baking soda, or other upgraded chemical materials.

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A variation of the SW Chem Loop system, this chemical looping system is designed for the greenhouse agriculture industry. From an onsite boiler or heater exhaust stack, this system selectively targets pollutants, including PM, metals, SOx, and NOx to make high quality liquid potassium fertilizers. The cleansed CO2 gas is left intact in the gas stream and is piped into the greenhouse to rapidly boost agriculture production.

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In Development: Solids Recovery

Shockwave is pioneering two distinct systems that recover and convert solids from flue gas streams into marketable products


A shockwave scrubber system currently in development that scrubs coal-fired flue gas of all solids, including ash, dust, and PM, then neutralizes the slurry acid, and drains the solids to be used as roadway construction material.


Under future development, a shockwave scrubber paired with a metal separation technology that can capture, isolate, and recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals from a waste to be recovered by a steel mill as free high value raw material.