Brian is one of the lead testers and developers of the shockwave technology both used as scrubber and mixer, and helped design, create, and test the Chemical Looping and Liquefaction systems. He has practical experience operating and troubleshooting the equipment and processes and has done work with wet chemistry in situ. He fundraised money to start Shockwave CO2 after working with the technology hands-on for several years. Brian is self-taught in shockwave mechanics and chemistry and is a graduate of Columbia University and St. Mark’s School of Texas.


Marek (“Mark”) has extensive hands-on work testing and developing the shockwave technology for pollution control and chemical production applications. He has worked on various applications of the technology, including for PM, SOx, and NOx. Mark has several patents on pollution control equipment and is knowledgeable about many industrial processes. He received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Silesian University of Technology and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mark is a Fulbright Scholar and did his post-doctoral research at SUNY Buffalo and focused on carbon capture systems and cryogenics.


Tom has technical expertise in design, construction, operation, and optimization of the shockwave technology and aerodynamic systems for gas scrubbing applications. He has done extensive work in design, construction, operations of complex mechanical systems for numerous applications, including coal-upgrading, carbon capture, biomass, liquid fuels, and plasma pyrolysis. He conducts process flow evaluation, heat and material balance analysis, and performs economic evaluation of the extrapolated capital and operational costs from small-scale to full-size systems for various industrial applications. Weber earned his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, and his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (emphasis on mechanical systems) also at the University of Texas at Austin.


Vector is an industrial and commercial custom systems design and fabrication workshop open for over 30 years. They have approximately 75-100 employees in a 50,000sq ft office and workshop facility and are located in McKinney, TX. Vector primarily works on power generation, and energy-related technologies, including pollution control, chemical injection systems, incineration, fuel conditioning, wind turbine, biomass, water treatment, CO2 capture, and control packages. Vector has partnered with Shockwave CO2 to help design, construct, and test its various systems. Vector Contact: Justin Harsch
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