SW LCO2 system is a process developed for food & beverage applications and can be used for other applications as well. Food processes, such as dry ice injection or meat mixing, that spray CO2 for chilling purposes can vent their exhaust CO2 into our SW LCO2 system where we scrub clean, recover, and recycle the CO2 as food-grade liquid CO2 to return back into their storage tank.

Shock Scrubbers are placed near or underneath meat mixing stations in cold rooms where they will remove all particles and odors from the CO2 stream. The cleaned CO2 will then be collected inside storage bags or tanks. Food-grade CO2 Compressors and Liquefiers will then liquefy the CO2 (“LCO2”). The LCO2 will then be separated from air and then pumped back into the tank ready for re-use as dry ice.

This method of onsite cleaning, collecting, and re-liquefying CO2 is extremely cost-efficient where customers can save a ton of money by using low-cost electricity to recycle high concentration, cold CO2 streams and skipping all the added processing, transportation, and logistics costs. Customers can expect to save as much as 50% on their monthly bill for the recovered CO2.

Liquefaction Demo System A custom shock scrubber and CO2 collection and liquefaction recycling system to reclaim CO2 from dry ice and refrigerant applications.
Liquefaction Demo System Modular and compact, this liquefaction recycling system is approximately 14’ x 5’ x 8’
Liquefaction Demo System This proprietary liquefaction system uses state of the art compressor and refrigeration technology and is suitable for covered parking lot installation.
Sample Meat LCO2 Process Flow

Producing CO2 onsite is much cheaper than any existing method by cutting out the middleman and eliminating the logistics.


Socially responsible practice by reducing or altogether eliminating your carbon emissions is great PR.


ShockwaveCO2 owns and maintains the system, eliminating CAPEX costs to the customer.


Free trial period, plug in to any exhaust vent burning natural gas, produce CO2 whenever you need it.

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