SW Chem Loop is a low-cost CO2 capture system requiring low pressure compressed air and minimal electricity.

SW Chem Loop is a horizontal skid unit that operates as a semi-batch system. A cleaned flue gas stream, preferably scrubbed with the Shock Scrubber, is piped into the SW Chem Loop system. Liquid chemical, either Na, K, or amine, is injected into the shock mixer from the batch chemical tank. The liquid chemical mixes with the clean flue gas using shockwave mechanics to rapidly react, capture and convert CO2 into chemical products.

The CO2 “double contacts” the chemical:

1) inside the shocktube with the shockwave, and
2) upon expansion into the batch chemical tank.

This double contact gives the system added performance and efficiency. Depending on which chemicals are injected, the efficiency of the double contact can have significant range. Eventually, carbonates, bicarbonates or a CO2-rich amine is formed and precipitated. If desired, CO2 is then released from this carbon-rich slurry using a catalytic heater, which uses low heat to desorb the CO2 gas into a clean, concentrated CO2 stream.

Chemical Looping Demo System and Biproduct

Bicarbonate precipitates from shockwave mixing resemble an ultra-fine cornstarch slurry.


Batched tanks rotate shock mixing with the CO2 gas until a consistent and quality carbon product is formed.


Shockwave equipment is simple and the mixing is fast, easy, and uses little utility.


Portable units are compact and can be placed near any CO2 source to capture CO2 and convert to product.

Chemical Looping Process Flow
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